Cured and dried back fat from our Royal Mangalitsa pork. A product that has been made since the Roman times, it can be served as an antipasto, with charcuterie boards or spread on bread. We call it “White Gold.”



This gourmet product was originally made in Tuscany during the time of the Romans and known as ‘Lardo di Colonnata’ from the village where it was first made. The town was also known for its marble, which was also used to hold the pork fat during its curing. Spiced, cured and then aged it has a silky texture and umami flavour. We cure our Royal Mangalitsa lardo with black pepper, mixed herbs and juniper berries and leave it for six months till it has the perfect flavour.

Use it to enhance any dish. From adding to pastry, eating with other charcuterie or using it as a spread. This versatile product will transform your dishes.

Our Lardo is also high in Omega 3 and 6 and packed with antioxidants.